Commonly Asked Questions
    • How is a student promoted from one grade to the next?

      • In general, promotion from one grade to the next shall be contingent upon the accumulation of the number of units outlined in the chart below:

        • 10th grade: 4.5 credits

        • 11th grade: 9.5 credits

        • 12th grade: 15 credits

    • How difficult is it to change my schedule after the school year has started?

      • Course selection should be made carefully since opportunities to change courses are limited after the school year begins. The number of sections of each course is established by the number of students who sign up for courses during the annual course selection time. Therefore, it is difficult to accommodate much change in individual schedules after that time. Additionally, courses in any department are only offered if there is sufficient registration. A student may drop a course only with written permission of his/her parent/guardian, the approval of the teacher, chairperson, school counselor, and school administrator during the school’s add/drop period. Only under unusual circumstances may courses be dropped outside of the add/drop period.