Curriculum and Grading


Carthage Central High School offers a comprehensive educational program including college preparatory, general and vocational education for grades 9-12.  Our philosophy dictates that every student will graduate with adequate skills and understanding to reach their life goals.  
Honors or enriched classes are available in English and Social Studies.  Accelerated classes are available in mathematics, science and language.  Students also have the opportunity to enroll in Advanced Placement classes in English, American History, Calculus, and Biology, with the possibility of earning college credits.  Other opportunities exist to earn college credits in Math, Science, Spanish, French, U.S. History, Art & Technology. 
Our science wing provides state of the art facilities for science and group presentations.  An in-house seismograph provides first-hand experience in Earth Science classes.  
Sequential courses are available in English, social studies, mathematics, science, French, Spanish, agriculture, art, music, technology, Army JROTC, Project Lead The Way, and a wide variety of vocational technical subjects at Bohlen Technical Center. 
A television production studio and cable television broadcast center provide communications and technology training. 
Multilevel instruction in computer applications and programming are provided in regular computer classes and throughout all subject areas.

Classes are provided for students who need assistance or improvement in the basic skills of reading, writing, social studies, mathematics, and science. Special needs of some individual students are also met through placement in the Learning Disability Resource program and Special Education classes. A district administered Alternative Education/GED program is also available. 


The school year is comprised of 40 weeks and is divided into four ten-week quarters. Report cards are issued at the end of each quarter. Full year courses run for 40 weeks for 1 full unit of credit. Half-year courses run for 20 weeks for one-half unit of credit. Final grades are computed by weighting each quarter plus the final exam equally. 
Half-year course grades are computed weighting each quarter and the final exam as 1/3 of the final grade. Grades are reported numerically 50-100. 65+ passing, 80+ college recommended, 90+ honors.





Class rank is calculated annually. Students are ranked numerically. All courses that have numerical grades are used in the computation of the average and in the determination of rank. Grades are not weighted.