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Upcoming Events  

McTeacher's Night

Zoo Crew


Accomplished First Quarter Projects

Blood Drive

Spook Trail

Zombie Run

Veterans Dinner

Oncology Center Halloween Party


Accomplished Second Quarter Projects 

Bell Ringing

Toys for Tots

Zoo Crew


Ongoing Projects

Uganda Water Project

This project is an effort to supply fresh water to communities in Uganda. This year we hope to fund raise for at least one rain tank with the help of the school and communities, through drives, swims, and runs. It will be going on through all 4 quarters in order to reach our goal.
Group Members: Lexi Malcolm, Kendra Bates, Claire Sauter, Mari Ames, and Rachel Elingsworth
For more information, visit


This year's 12 honors class has put together a group of students to help volunteer at local soup kitchens.
These take place on Thursdays , from 5-7 pm. Schedules will be posted monthly showing where and when the upcoming suppers will be taking place.
For more information, contact Emily Scheiderich at



St. Croix's Group

We are 12 Honors students who take time out of our day to go into Mr. St. Croix's class to help his students. We've helped a lot with cooking, baking, math, reading, and Physical Education.

Visit our page here to see pictures and details about what we've done!

If you would like to help or be a part of any of these projects, please contact us at: