Academic Eligibility

Academic Eligibility Policy - Grades 9-12

The Carthage Central School District extends the privilege of extra-curricular activities to students who recognize their obligation to themselves, their co-participants and their school community while striving for academic excellence.  

Extra-curricular activities are defined as any school activity that is non-credit bearing. Extra-curricular programs help provide valuable experiences and are, therefore, considered an integral part of the total educational program. Involvement in extra-curricular activities can have a positive influence on the academic achievement of students. It is the goal of this policy to help students successfully balance academics and extra-curricular activities. Extenuating circumstances of students with special needs will be considered by the building principal or designee.
1.  If a student is failing or incomplete in one subject at the end of each five week marking period; the student may continue to participate but will be required to contract with the teacher to find ways to bring the grade up to passing, with sign offs by the coach/adviser, parent and administration. Students will be allowed to participate with one failing grade, while continuing the efforts to bring his/her grade up to passing. If in the opinion of the teacher the student is not making a valid effort to correct his/her deficiencies, the student may be ineligible to participate for a specific period of time within a five week period, as determined by the building principal or his/her designee. 
2.  If a student is failing or incomplete in two subjects at the end of the five week marking period, the student may continue to participate, but has ten school days to bring at least one of the two subjects up to a passing grade. The student will contract with the teacher, coach/advisor, parent and administration to bring his/her grade up to passing. If after the ten school days, the student is still failing or incomplete in two subjects, he/she will be ineligible to participate in the activity until the issuing of the next report card or progress report. If, however, one failing grade still remains, the conditions outlined in item #1 above are in effect. Students who fail two or more subjects in June are required to attend summer school to make up failures. In order to be eligible for extra-curricular activities, students in September of each year may not have more than one failing grade carried over from the previous school year or summer school. 
3.  If a student is failing or incomplete in excess of two subjects, the student will be declared ineligible to participate in any activity until the issuing of the next report card or progress report, whichever comes first. At that point, the ineligibility continues until the student satisfies the requirements set forth in item #1 above. The parent or guardian will be informed, in writing, of any student dismissal from an extracurricular activity. 
4.  An Academic Eligibility Appeal Board (AEAB) will be established in the middle school and high school buildings which will consist of a building administrative representative, the Director of Fine Arts or Interscholastic Athletics, a teacher representative and guidance counselor. An appeal of any dismissal must be co-signed by parent and student and directed in writing to the Academic Eligibility Review Board. If the decision rendered by the AEAB is not acceptable to the parties involved, a further appeal may be directed to the Superintendent of Schools.