Welcome to the Counseling Department

Welcome to the Carthage Central High School Counseling Office!

We hope that the High School Counseling Department web page will assist you with a wide variety of questions and concerns.

The Counseling Office is open available Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Please feel encouraged to contact our office at 315-493-5035 for assistance.

We look forward to working with you to make your child's educational experience both positive and productive.

Mrs. Bryanne Gorman (Grade 9-12; A-C), Department Coordinator

Mr. Terry Freeman (Grades 9-12; D-K)

Mrs. Kim Elsberry (Grades 9-12; L-Q)

Mrs. Kathleen Ples (Grades 9-12; R-Z)

Mrs. Mallory Augustus (School Counseling Intern)

Mrs. Lauren Mitchell (School Psychologist)

Ms. Patti Brady (Secretary)

Dignity for All Students Act

College Information

Create a college list. Decide what you need in a college/university. Consider factors like size, location, academic majors, academic rigor/reputation, job placement rates, extracurricular opportunities, etc. Use the tool at bigfuture.collegeboard.org to generate a list of college matches based on your interests and preferences.

Visit/research college options. Visiting a college campus may be the most useful way to determine whether it’s a place you can picture yourself in the next chapter of your life. Most campus visit appointments can be scheduled online and typically include a combination of the following: information session, campus tour, interview, class observation, meal in the dining hall. Take advantage of as many opportunities as possible! Websites that have proven useful to the college search process include:

  • Collegeboard.org (Offers an advanced college-search tool that populates a list of college matches based on your search; also provides test preparation and registration for the SAT)
  • Petersons.com (The online equivalent of the well-known print publication)
  • Youvisit.com (College search engine that offers virtual tours)
  • Suny.edu (Links to the State University of New York colleges and universities)

Apply. Research and organize college admission requirements and deadlines. College admission processes are based on the following criteria:

  • Grade Point Average (G.P.A.), class rank, rigor of academic course selection
  • Please complete the transcript request form at carthagecsd.org/transcripts
  • Standardized testing SAT and ACT
  • Personal characteristics including: activities, involvement, leadership experience and potential, citizenship, etc. as evidenced by your resume, letters of recommendation, essays, etc.
  • We recommend that you request 2-3 letters of recommendation from appropriate teachers/counselors. It is helpful to provide them with a list of your activities, leadership positions, honors, jobs, and/or volunteer experiences, etc. Remember to thank those who take the time to write a letter on your behalf!
  • Many colleges require an application essay. Spend adequate time on this essay to be sure it exemplifies your insights and abilities. Be sure to have someone reliable proofread your application essay.

Choose a college. Please bring a copy of your college acceptance letter(s) to the Counseling Office and weigh options based on fit and financial aid packages.


We encourage you, as parents, to also feel free to use our resources. If you need immediate help, please call the grief hotline at 315-955-9062 or 315-782-2327. We are saddened by the loss to our school community and will make every effort to help you and your child as needed.

Jefferson County Mental Health Resources

Jefferson County Drug and Alcohol Support Resources

Fort Drum Mental Health and Wellness Resources

Lewis County Mental Health Resources

Standardized Testing


  • Most colleges will accept either the SAT or the ACT. We recommend that students take both exams, and take both exams twice as college’s typically superscore the results.
  • We recommend that students begin by taking the PSAT in October of their junior year. This is an opportunity to practice for the SAT and/or ACT which students generally take in the spring of their junior year. Many students take the SAT/ACT for a second time during the fall of their senior year. Standardized tests should be taken no later than December of the student’s senior year.
  • Registration for the aforementioned exams is facilitated directly through the SAT and ACT.
  • It’s not too early to begin preparing. Gain practice through Khan Academy, found on the College Board’s website Khan Academy Practice

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is required for military enlistment. Carthage CHS hosts the ASVAB in November.


The Carthage Central High School Counseling Department is pleased to offer many local, state, and national scholarship opportunities - applications are available through our office.

Senior scholarships
A list of these scholarships with approximate dates is attached. As information becomes available, scholarships announcements will be made via email and posted on the bulletin board outside of the counseling office.
We recommend that seniors check this list on a weekly basis to find scholarships that may be available based on factors such as college major, career goals, G.P.A., extracurricular involvements, etc. To sign up for our email distribution list, please contact Ms. Brady in the counseling office We also recommend that parents check with their employers and other affiliations/organizations to see if scholarship are available from those sources.
Most colleges also offer scholarships to accepted students based on a wide variety of criteria (i.e. G.P.A., SAT/ACT, class rank, athletics, the arts, community service).
A wide variety of additional scholarship opportunities are available on the web at fastweb.com
Junior scholarships
A handful of scholarships are available to juniors beginning in February and are based on academic record and interest in one or more of the following colleges/universities. Please contact us if interested:
Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), University of Rochester, LeMoyne College, Clarkson University, St. Lawrence University, Wells College, Russell Sage College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Additional counseling services

The Student Assistance Program is a NYS certified support counseling and prevention education program. The Student Assistance Counselor provides support through one-to-one discussions, awareness education, assistance with coping skills, and referral services if needed. Topics include stress and emotional difficulty, relationships, family situations, risk behaviors, substance awareness and use. This program is confidential and voluntary. The Student Assistance Program is part of Pivot, a community agency of Jefferson County.

The Military and Family Life Counselor (MFLC) is an Army supported position intended to provide outreach services to local military students in order to ease their transitions to new schools and address issues related to deployment. The MFLC counselor may assist military parents and children with communication, self-esteem, conflict resolution, behavioral management techniques, bullying, deployment and reintegration issues, to name a few.

A Social Worker is licensed under the state and is responsible for supporting students and advocating for their emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. The Social Worker works with students to listen to their needs, provide counsel and support, and connect students with helpful resources needed to cope with their issues. The Social Worker will also conduct home visits to provide additional support.

The Carthage High School-School Based Health Clinic has two licensed counselors on site to provide mental health services for students with emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs. All insurances are accepted and there are no co-pays for services provided. For additional information, please contact the SBHC at 315-493-5070.

Please contact the school counseling office for additional information.